Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Conference Console with Simultaneous Interpretation feature
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AVCIT C3102 is upgrading of Model No. C3101, with a

even higher performance of conference console for speech and voting, and Simultaneous Interpretation.


For Conference console only, please click to check C3101.


C3102, Simultaneous Interpreting Console



  • Connect up to 36 sets of translation unit and realize 11+1 kinds of languages simultaneous interpretation function.

  • With 12 channels translator audio output .

  • Connected with special 8 core aviation plug , with interfaces for interpretor unit

  • With audio input interface.

  • With multiple sets of acoustic channel output.

  • The controller can be mounted on a 19 inch standard cabinet.


Features of Conference console


  • Connect up to 128 speech units for each C3102, through the expansion console, maximum 4096 units speech unit are available;

  • With audio input interface, for external audio signal, such as background music;

  • With multiple audio channels output, can be connected to PA system for the speaker to amplify the output can also be connected to the recording system, remote conferencing systems;

  • Available to define No. of current Speaker, with 1/2/4/6 switching for maximum number of speaker, Chairman unit is not involved;

  • FIFO function: First in, first out, with 1/2/4/6 switching for maximum number of speakers, Chairman unit is not involved;

  • With voting and data management features;

  • Automatic camera tracking and signal switching function, which can works with camera at variety of angles;

  • Open control protocol, works with AVCIT’s central Controller and iOS/android devices;

  • Available to be coupled with the phone teleconference;

  • Enclosure is made of metal material, possess the ability of antistatic 8000V;

  • Wide voltage power supply.

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