AVCiT IP Based KVM System provides all-in-one Command Center Solutions, which are combined functions of Smart KVM, Video Wall Control, Visualization, and Central Control.

The exclusive LED wall controller feature is verified by hundreds of LED wall installations, working with some leading LED wall producers.​

The unique H.265 algorithm by AVCiT realized extraordinary chroma of 4:4:4 over low-bitrate (4~20Mbps) streams,

which is significant for information sharing and collaborating among multiple control rooms in multiple locations.​

Command Center Solutions by IP based KVM

Excellent Connectivity & Collaboration

System Schematic

Learn more details about AV over IP & KVM over IP.

Multi-Location Video Collaboration

The computers/sources can be shared among multiple locations (command center, meeting room, board room etc.) Therefore, the chief can watch any dynamic information for fast decision-making.

An operator can control multiple computers remotely on multiple workspaces, by mouse/keyboard or touches. Optional reading USB disk/camera/headset is available another USB matrix, which has a natural linkage to the GET/PULL hotkey

Simultaneous Displaying

What is displaying on video wall A can be synchronized to video wall B, for better collaboration and command, whatever the video wall is in multiple areas or multiple locations, whatever the scale of the video wall


Smart KVM over IP

Workspace operators can access computers/sources seamlessly, and share/cast them to other operators or video wall by hotkey.

Once break news happened, it can be reported and casted to other relevant operators and video wall immediately.

Computers/sources can be separated from the workspace and stored in the server room, where they are safe, air-conditioned,
so that heat and noise emissions in the office can be eliminated.

Storing Computers In Server Room

Build-in Video Wall Controller

Support LED sending box

Professional IP wall controller features, Support LED sending box, LCD with any irregular resolution under 4k


Unlimited input & output channels, multiple layouts preset for fast recall, high performance of image sync without standalone video wall processor.

Every AVCIT decoder is a part of video wall controller, any single decoder's bug will never affect the entire video wall display, while once the traditional video wall matrix is with bug, the entire video wall will not work

Support 8K Resolution Input

AVCIT high efficient software + hardware coding technologies support encoding video streams from the dedicated workstation/server, which is with multiple graphics cards and with resolution up to 8K, and decoding to display on a video wall, with stunning image sync which can pass the most professional testing.

Intuitive & Visualized

Video Wall Control

Realtime content preview, whatever local or remote sources, ensure the correct content can be always switched to the video wall intuitively.

Free drag-and-drop to control the sources on the video wall, resize,

re-position, zoom in/out;

Max 4xFHD +12xSD multi-viewing by DSII-2K, and Max 16 x FHD(or 4 x 4K) multi-viewing by DSII-4K

Face ID & Touch ID

The operator now has the 3rd options to login to access all his permissions, thanks to the unique artificial intelligence technologies developed by AVCIT AI team; 

The facial recognition, or Face ID features enable the user to login in just seconds, once the user leave his workspace, all monitors will be shut down in 10 seconds unless the camera can detect his face;

Follow Me

User's personal configuration will follow the workspace wherever he log in, so that the chief can fastly access the computers/sources when he login by his user account in crisis room

Permissions Configuration

Users are created by administrator on OSD, who has full permissions to control all the computers/sources, Each user is configured with a type of access permissions to each computer.

4 permissions levels available for users to access to PC or displays, EXCLUSIVE, SHARE, VIEW ONLY and PRIVATE

User permissions can be duplicated for creating user groups.

Smart Workspace

Access up to 8 computers simultaneously on one monitor with multi-view. Any picture can be resized, re-positioned and overlapped on one monitor or cross two monitors. Up to six layouts can be recalled intuitively.

Cross Monitor Switching

AVCIT DS3.0 KVM decoder enables an operator to connect unlimited monitor on his workspace console;


By only one mouse + keyboard, Operator can switch and control between computers intuitively just by moving the mouse cursor from one monitor to another, with an experience

Visualized KVM Control Panel

New features involved in the visualised KVM Control Panel:

  • Preview all source realtime at OSD, quickly find the source that he needs to GET access;

  • Control what to display on other's operator's monitor, simply by drag/drop(you can surely use hotkey to PUSH)

  • Check how many operators and who have access to a server, and  disconnect it if necessary

Redundancy over Ethernet + Fiber

There are both ethernet and fiber port on each node, so that two independent and redundant system (ethernet + fiber) can be configured, and is available for 24/7 continuous operation.

Internal Video Call

Operator can start an internal video talk with other operator intuitively, this is useful when operator A are pushing his task to operator B for assistance, then internal video talk is a good tool for operators to have an instant discussion

Learn more details about AV over IP & KVM over IP.

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