Environment Controller over IP - E-CP4C

AVCiT IP Based Enviroment Controller, which is optional hardware of IP based System.

It is required that if you have any RS232/485/IR/IO control.

  • CPU:                              32bits,1 GHz

  • RAM:                             4GB DDR2

  • RS232 port:                  1

  • Visualized Debugging: HDMI port

  • IR learning Port:           Yes

  • IO port:                          8 I/O, support digital input, with circuit protection

  • Power supply:              100-220V AC

  • Storage Temp.:             0-55℃

  • Working Temp.:            0-55℃

  • Working Humidity:       20-90%

Working Principles


E-CP4C will produce and send UDP control code to certain transceiver node as soon as receiving control instructions from the control tablet.

Then the transceiver node will decode UDP into RS232/IR/IO, and send to Terminal devices.

IP based central controller


  • Real-time operating status will be displayed on monitor,  make debugging process simple, low-costly;

  • communication protocols to adapt to a variety of control equipment;

  • Two-way control link, extension by varieties of transceiver node, Pro AV Terminal devices will be controlled and at the same time the real-time feedback will be read and displayed on control tablet,  Interactive fault detection mechanism, i.e. Failure alarming of transceiver node, can be triggered through programming;

  • With E-CP4C Central Controller, the status of Pro AV Terminal devices can be acquired and display on control tablet and software, such as the projector's bulb duration, external equipment’s operation logs, Greatly facilitated the maintenance of the system;

  • Benefit from E-CP4C Central Controller’s powerful string processing capacity, varieties of sensors can be accessed, and get a more intelligent control experience;

  • E-CP4C Central Controller has Powerful logical computing ability, large-scale and comprehensive control room system can be set up, for militarily, government, defense, energy, traffic application and so on;

  • Class C language programming is with very good portability, greatly facilitate the implementation, with enhanced system reliability, lower probability of bug;

  • Cloud storage feature allows programmer to save code into AVCIT cloud, such as IR files and matrix files, up to 10 latest complied code can be saved and recalled from the cloud anytime, in case of system recovery is required;

  • Powerful 2nd-programming capabilities, current scenario can be saved or recalled, even part of the implementation results can be modified

  • Rugged brushed panel made of magnesium alloy, tightly sealed metal chassis, to ensure the safety of internal hardware

  • Transmission RS232/485 + IO + IR + Internet signal over twisted pair cable only, cabling and installation is simple and low cost;

  • 1U rack installation, only one twisted pair cable connected to GB switch, one power supply cable;

  • 8 input and output I/O port, give access to variety of sensor and detectors, what’s more, all transceiver node has IO/RS23/IR ports, as an extension control ports of E-CP4C central controller, saying unlimited scalibility.

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