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Integrated NOC Solutions for 9 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore

Network Operations Centers (NOCs) are central locations from which a Data Center supports its computer network and telecom infrastructure, detects and resolves IT infrastructure incidents, and ultimately ensures data center availability. It's important for NOC administrator and operator to manage and monitor all the infrastructure intuitively and visually on a large video wall and control multiple workstations on the monitor fast.

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9 Tai Seng Drive Data Center, which is located in a network-dense location and has direct connectivity partnerships to leading network service providers including Global Tier-1 ISPs and Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX). It's very critical to manage the infrastructures efficiently and ensure its health.

In the Network Operation Center of 9 Tai Seng Drive, AVCiT built an intelligent audio, video and KVM control system by deploying the "All-in-one Smart Network Operation solution". In this way, it allows the administrator to manage, control and monitor multiple workstations, telecommunications or satellite networks by AVCiT DSworks and Visualized KVM Platform, and the operator could easily control the video wall and conveniently manage all workstations, monitor the status of the network system.

AVCiT All-in-one smart network operation center solution consists of IP video wall control DSII and smart IP based KVM-DSIII.

In 9 Tai Seng Drive NOC, the 8x3.5m LED wall and its sending box is directly connected to the IP video wall decoder-DSII,  where the operator could intuitively switch multiple source content on any position and manage the video wall layout flexibly by drag/drop/zoom, on controlling PC without any other dedicated video wall processors. What's more, the operators could push their monitor's critical source to the video wall for reporting or sharing information to others.

In NOC, operators need to monitor the status of multiple network systems at the same time. IP Based KVM-DSIII allow the operator to use one mouse and keyboard to switch and control different workstations on multiple monitors. Now big data allows the status of each system to be graphically displayed intuitively,  IP KVM decoder-DSIII could display 8 signals on a single monitor simultaneously, which greatly optimized the workspace environment and increased working efficiency,  instead of 8 monitors with 8 sets of keyboard and mouse. KVM-DSIII decoder also allows operators to connect multiple monitors together by one keyboard & mouse, and flexibly configure one monitor for monitoring, and the others as the main screen for daily work.

Thanks to AVCIT all-in-one IP video wall control DSII and smart KVM-DSIII System and partner's good job, the user of 9 Tai Seng Drive Data Center now could have a more intuitive and efficient experience to manage the infrastructure.

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