Environment Controller - E-CP2M

With over than 10000 references all over the world, AVCIT's Programmable central controllers support IP, RS232/485,IR and IO controls, wit GUI programming ,  works with user interface like iOS/android/RF touch panel, Wireless changing as an option for AVCIT's tablet.


  • Support IP, RS232/485,IR and IO controls

  • GUI programming

  • Over than 10000 references all over the world

  • Upgrading features are real-time preview and feebback

  • Supports iOS/andriod, RF and wired tablet


For are real-time preview and control feebback feature, please click to check IP based Central Controller.

Central Controller for iOS Android/wired/RF control tablet
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1. 32 digits processor; 

2. Works with iOS/android/RF control tablet;

3. Programming tool for iOS/Android devices is compatible with conventional software;

4. Support network parallel connection, unlimited space expansion;

5. Hundreds of logic module that can implement complex functions;

6. Crystal button with backlighting.



1. Built-in network interface, support network parallel connection, 

support for unlimited space expansion, works with iOS/android/RF touch panel;

2. Programming tool for iOS/Android devices is compatible with AVCIT’s conventional touch panel software;

3. The programmable tool is with interactive control structure, available to be in English and Chinese version;

4. Highly integrated co-processor chip, with fine layout, enable the system running to be stably and efficient;

5. 8MB RAM and 16MB flash memory; 

6. 8 channels independent programmable RS-232 control interface, support data of RS232, RS485, RS422;

7. Data can loop out via serial port, the data, which input to any serial port channel, can be loop out from another serial port;

8. 8 channels independent programmable IR interface, can be serial port as well, therefore serial ports of E-CP2M is up to 16;

9. 8 channels digital I/O input and output port, with protection circuit;

10. 8 channel relay interface, for 5V; 

11. 2 AVCIT net interface, available to connect to up to 256 net devices;

12. Customer Programmable any control protocol or control codes;

13. Smart IR learning function modules inside;

14. Supports dual-code control;

15. IR learning function by hardware, customers can replace infrared equipment by themselves without re-programming;

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