AVCIT assist Fire & Rescue Center in Australia

Fire & Rescue Emergency Center in New South Wales finished installation earlier, without having to spend hours learning how to operate a complicated system. Clear, intuitive control is a hallmark of AVCIT systems, and this emergency center is no different.

Inside the offices AV integrator has completed the design and installation of a technically AV controller project using AVCIT matrix switcher system, that encompasses the control of the lighting, and all AV sources.

"This photo is where we have 18 x 18 AVCIT matrix switcher. I like the matrix switches they are the best I have seen and , we just want to have more", says Philip, the AV integrator of Fire & Rescue Emergency Center project, “In real situation this level of integration frees up our time to complete much more work as we aren’t allowed to waste time while having fire alarms somewhere."

Meeting rooms are equipped with a single preset that is programmed to keep the operation of the system as simple as possible.

Completing the AV installation in the meeting rooms are controls for the input sources (Blu-ray,PC, projectors and LED displays) which are all controlled and switched using AVCIT matrix switcher system.

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