AV Installation for Telefonica Duesseldorf

During this summer, we finally get the photos from our partner in Landsberg, Germany, who finished the project installation earlier this year.

The client is Telefonica Duesseldorf, who need high performance matrix switcher to process and transmit multiple video sources to certain displays, and be integrated in the video conference system.

AVCIT's modular and scalable matrix switcher, model HD1010 is a good choice, it exactly matches the system requirement, what's more, our partner in Landsberg have full experience to have integrated and debugged many AVCIT's matrix products for their client, all are with good feedback.

About: AVCIT Electronics is the leading manufacturer of Pro Audio&Video systems in China, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of IP based Video Wall Controller, IP based Central Controller, Modular matrix switcher, central control and touch screen systems, digital audio conference systems. AVCIT Electronics have full experience to providing Pro audio and video control solutions to world class event, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, World Expo 2010 Shanghai and 2016 National Winter Games.

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