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AVCiT Assists ASEAN Defence Minister's Meeting-Plus (ADMM-Plus Field Training Exercise) 2019

In order to strengthen the overall prevention and control of society, crack down on violent terrorist special operations, and maintain regional stability and peace. On November 13, the ASEAN Defense Ministers' Expansion Conference "Counter-terrorism Joint Play-2019" successfully opened in Guilin, Guangxi, China. Fortunately, AVCiT had the opportunity to be one of the equipment suppliers for this event, responsible for supplying the transmission equipment of the transmission and dispatching command system, and once again refreshed the level of protection for major international events throughout the joint performance.

Highlights:Connectivity & Interoperability, Real-time & Multi-location, High-quality display with Low bandwidth

In this joint performance, AVCiT's completely independent knowledge and independent R & D design and production of the all-in-one IP-based KVM system were used. It has the characteristics of high confidentiality, high stability, and high security, which fully meets the requirements of multiple signals during exercise. Safe and stable transmission is the first technology in the industry to truly implement innovative technologies (such as integrating "AI & 8K" into Videowall Controller over IP and KVM over IP, and achieving high-quality images at low bandwidth). It fully considers and meets a variety of Environmental differences. Walk-through excellent application operation requirements.

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