Ceremony of AVCiT Smart Showroom Opening & Headquarter Relocation

The ceremony of AVCIT's relocation of headquarter and showroom is closed on 8th Aug, more than 400 guests were invited to visit AVCIT new smart showroom, then attend the opening ceremony and banquets in Hotel Shangri-La Guangzhou.

What's new in the smart show room is, the P1.2 Unilumin LED wall installed, with video wall processor by AVCIT IP based solution, by just 6pcs of H.265 decoder, the LED wall have a great performance of image sync.

What's more, The innovative H.265 technologies realized extraordinary 4:4:4 image quality over low-bitrate (4~20Mbps) streams, which is significant for information sharing and collaborating among multiple control rooms in multiple locations;

Thanks to the most advanced H.265 coding technologies, the operators can access up to 8 servers simultaneously on one monitor. The secret of keeping leading in the display control market is, continuous investing on the frontier technologies, such as the new features "KVM login by facial recognition" released at Infocomm China 2019, it is very basic application of AI , but it greatly enhance the security: once the user leave his workspace, all monitors will be shut down in 10 seconds unless the camera can detect his face again;

To learn how KVM over IP technologies will add more value on your control room design, please inquiry our sales team!

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