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AVCIT's Programmable central controllers are with 32 digits processor,programming by graphical interface,  works with user interface like iOS/android/RF touch panel, Support network parallel connection, unlimited space expansion;


RF Wall Keypad WPSII



CRV-WPS is wall panel for all central controller, with 8 touch-sensitive controls buttons.

Thanks to touch-sensitive design, compared to traditional switch panels, it is with even longer life, high reliability, waterproof, and easy to maintenance.



  1. Leading capacitive touch-sensing design, high reliability, longer life;

  2. Customizable background colors according to color of wall;

  3. Customizable text/button colors;

  4. Button with backlighting indicator;

  5. 2 communication modes, RF or RS485;

  6. Radio-Frequency is 433MHz;

  7. RS485 controls by AVCIT’s own protocol;

  8. Multiple wall panels are available to work together by setting RFID;

  9. External power supply 220V, working voltage is 5V, 100mAh battery inside;

  10. Mobile feature, it can be take off from the wall.



Communication mode: RF 433MHz, or RS485

Function:     Programmable

Number of keys: 8

Power supply: 220V

RF Wall Keypad
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