Video Matrix - 4K

EARL II series are AVCIT's Modular and Scalable Matrix Switcher with scaler,  available in 4K and 2K version, which is modular structure, Input and output signal support all digital and analog formats, such as AV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, Optic Fiber, HDBT

AVCIT's 4K Modular Matrix Switcher, is modular structure, there are currently 6 option of the matrix chassis/enclosure: UHD144144, UHD7272, UHD3636, UHD0808 and UHD0404.

Features of AVCIT 4K Modular Matrix Switcher:

  • Modular structure: Input and output signal support following digital and analog formats: HDMI, DVI, SDI, VGA, SFP, HDBaseT;

  • Processing ability: use FPGA for processing and switching signal, RGB444 format, lossless color, 1-way signal bandwidth up to 18G;

  • Long distance driver feature: Input with automatic equalization, effectively reducing ISI due to long distance transmission; Output with pre-emphasis for signals; Input support receiving delay, apply for the time compensation when the differential pair of lines are with unequal length;

  • LED indicating light for all channels: Input and output modules are with LED indicating light;

  • Support UHD: support 4K@30 lossless switching, and auto scaling between 4K@30 and 1920*1080p@60~800*600@60;

  • Compatible with HDCP: Make sure that protected media content from Blue-ray DVD, Game box etc;

  • Automatic EDID calculation: Automatically calculating the EDID intersection of any output display information, when signal to be switched to display devices with different resolutions, it can obtain the best resolution in real-time and implement automatically;

  • Memory function for interruption of power supply: Support Memory function for interruption of power supply, Max 18 status can be saved and recalled;

  • Transparent silicone keypad with back lighting, the current status can be displayed directly through the back lighting;

  • Support HDMI 2.0(partly) ,compatible with DVI 1.0, each channel bandwidth up to 6G, total bandwidth up to 18G/channel;

  • Support HD seamless switching. no black screen, fully compatible with all signals, parameters of each output channel (resolution, vertical and horizontal size) is automatically adaptable, and can be manually adjusted independently;

  • Redundant power supply: once a power module fails, the other power supply module will succeed immediately, to make sure it work properly;

  • Hot swap feature.

4x4 enclosure for AVCIT’s 4K modular matrix switcher
8x8 enclosure for AVCIT’s 4K modular matrix switcher
36x36 enclosure for AVCIT’s 4K modular matrix switcher
72x72 enclosure for AVCIT’s 4K modular matrix switcher
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Input and output Modules for 4K Modular Matrix Switcher

4K DVI Input Card
4K DVI Output Card
4K HDMI Input Card
4K HDMI Output Card
4K VGA Input Card
4K VGA Output Card
4K HDBaseT Input Card
4K HDBaseT Output Card
4K Optic Input Card
4K Optic Output Card
4K SDI Input Card
4K SDI Output Card
RSTP Input Card
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