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With over than 10000 references all over the world, AVCIT's Programmable central controllers support IP, RS232/485,IR and IO controls, wit GUI programming ,  CPLM is very classical cemtral controller, it works with AVCIT's RF touch panel or simply wired.  Advanced feature is wireless changing as an option.


AV central controller for wired/RF touch panel
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  • Support IP, RS232/485,IR and IO controls

  • GUI programming

  • Over than 10000 references all over the world

  • Upgrading features are real-time preview and feebback


For are real-time preview and control feebback feature, please click to check IP based Central Controller.

Programmable central controller, CPLM-PRO


CPLM-PRO central controller is upgraded version of CPLM-I. The functional expansion slot based CPLM-I enable it with flexible and powerful functional. It is configured with 32-bit embedded processor, frequency up to 533MHZ, built-in 8M RAM and 16M memory flash, no problem to computing even more complex logic instructions; It provides a configuration mode  for programmable locally,  to customize system according to project; Highly integrated co-processor chip assist central processor, enable system running to be stably and efficient

to run smoothly; Learning from the mature solution from USA X10 power line carrier communication, we introduced it to central control industry revolutionarily, make the communication control to be easy and scalable.



1. Programmable tool is with interactive control structure, available to be in English and Chinese version;

2. Highly integrated co-processor chip, with fine layout, enable the system running to be stably and efficient;

3. 8 MB of memory and 16 MB flash memory;

4. 8 channels independent programmable RS-232 control interface, support data of RS232, RS485, RS422;

5. Data can loop out via serial port, the data, which input to any serial port channel, can be loop out from another serial port;

6. 8 channels independent programmable IR interface, can be serial port as well, therefore serial ports of E-CP2M is up to 16;

7. 8 channels digital I/O input and output port, with protection circuit;

8. 8 channel relay interface, for 5V; 

9. 3 AVCIT NET interface, available to connect to up to 256 net devices;

10, Customer Programmable any control protocol or control codes;

11, Smart IR learning function modules inside;

12, Supports dual-code control;

13. IR learning function by hardware, customers can replace infrared equipment by themselves without re-programming;

14, Mainstream SMT production technology.

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