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Add Value for your Control Room Design

AVCIT provide Integrated IP Based KVM Solutions for Command & Control Room, with revolutionary technologies such as Intuitive Video Wall Processing over IP & Dynamic KVM over IP, which are dedicated designed for Control Room, especially for Security Operation Center (SOC), Network Operation Center (NOC), Transportation Control Center (TOC), Emergency Operation Center (EOC), Airport Operation Center(AOC) etc. 

With revolutionary H.265 4:4:4 encoding/decoding technologies over low bitrate, , our accumulated and combined expertise in control room, allows us to innovate and add more value to meet the diverse and growing needs of clients from different industries, including government, transportation, oil&gas, telecommunication, corporate, public utilities, smart city etc.

Dynamic KVM over IP, and Intuitive Video Wall Over IP Solutions, provide High Decision-Making Efficiency for you mission critical control rooms i.e.NOC, SOC, AOC, TOC, Rapid response and decision making can be made.

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With no single point of failure design, and no centralized server/processor required, more stable and easy to maintain.


All you need in a control room, i.e. video wall matrix, video vall controller, KVM matrix, video extender are built in AVCIT codec.

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Benefit from Low bitrate HEVC technologies, Tons of information can be shared among multiple isolated locations and multiple platform.

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Natively compatible with 3rd party system i.e. CCTV, VMS, AI, 5G etc.

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All your personal configuration will follow the workspace wherever you log in.

AVCiT application in Public Security
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Public Security

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AVCiT_Application in Finance_Logo.png


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