Security Operations Center <br> (SOC) Solutions

Security Operations Center
(SOC) Solutions

The Security Operation Center (SOC) is a pivotal site for continuously monitoring and analyzing security situations, ensuring that potential incidents are properly identified, analyzed, defended, and reported. The dynamic KVM solution of AVCiT streamlines the security team's workspace and visualizes various sources and applications on the KVM console to help the commander's decision-making.

Schematic of Security Operation Center

Schematic of Security Operation Center

SOC Solution Benefits

Add Value for Your Cyber Security Operation Center Design
Benefits of Security Operation Center

Simplification and Optimization of Workspace

Dynamic KVM Tech functionality allows operators to access and control multiple workstations on multiple monitors with a set of keyboard and mouse, and to view and manage multiple resources on a single monitor with a multi-view layout.

Benefits of Security Operation Center

High Stability and 24/7 Operation Design

Decentralized architecture without a single point of failure, full network redundancy by RJ45 + Fiber for each encoder/decoder, automatically takeover design for 24/7 operation.

Benefits of Security Operation Center

Free Seating by Follow Me Tech

The operator can login account at any workspace console to get all the permitted sources and control layout for different duty shifts.

Benefits of Security Operation Center

Rapid Report and Collaboration

Intuitively report security information from the operator's monitor to the video wall by "PUSH", and easily collaborate with colleagues to share sources by drag and drop, and make a group video call inside KVM floating OSD.

Benefits of Security Operation Center

Intuitive Video Wall Control

Monitoring all the critical security information on the video wall by flexible layout, the operator could preview and switch any critical source on the visualized user interface in the video over ip solutions.

Benefits of Security Operation Center

Flexibly Display Critical Information

Available to crop the PC source and display part of it on the video walls so that some critical information could be displayed and highlighted, and hide unimportant or confidential content.

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