Environment Controller

Environment Controller

IP Based Central Controller is designed to work with IP Based KVM
Video Collaboration System, which requires room environment control and 3rd party devices control via RS232/485, IR, IO, relay, UDP protocols, such as DVD, lighting dimmer, projector, magic glass, alarm integration, power ON/OFF etc.
The controller will implement the built-in user program as soon as receiving control instructions from the control tablet, and send UDP control code to certain IP encoder/decoder node to activate the communication ports.

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High Lights of Environment Controller
Make Control Room Smarter

Available to integrate with alarm trigger to recall the video wall layout to switch videos automatically and change lighting environment etc.

High Lights of Environment Controller
Unlimited Ports and Easy to Install

Each encoder/decoder node is built-in communication ports of RS232, RS485, IR and IO, which could be connected with 3rd party device nearly instead of connecting all the controlled devices with controller directly.

High Lights of Environment Controller
User Friendly Operation

Control button icon could be customzied and integrated with same software UI as video wall management, so that the operator has all-in-one control for environment and 3rd party devices.

High Lights of Environment Controller
Customized Control by Class C Programming

Flexible to control different devices by class C language according to project requirement and protocols.

More Benefits of IP Based Central Controller

All-in-one Transmission

Transmission of RS232/485 + IO + IR + UDP is together with AV/KVM over the existing IT infrastructure, maximum distance is 90 meters

Powerful Programming Features

More complicated functions and scenarios could be programmed, benefit from the flexible and powerful Class C language

Flexibly Redundant Configuration

Multiple environment controller could be deployed in one network to set up a redundant system with one as main controller, the other as a standby controller

Real-time Control Feedback

Bidirectional device status feedback,  terminal devices will be controlled and at the same time the real-time feedback will be read and displayed on the control tablet


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