AVCIT KVMoIP DSIII is a compact IP KVM HDMI encoder/decoder, designed to transmit FHD or UHD video and keyboard & mouse HID signals over standard Gigabit Ethernet with low latency, low bit rates(4-20Mbps) and high image quality up to Chroma of 4:4:4.

A high-performance virtual KVM matrix can be configured over IP, it is a fully distributed and dynamic KVM over IP Switch solutions; Benefiting from its no-server design, any single encoder/decoder's bug will not affect the entire system, the KVMoIP switch will surely reduce the risk of system, and add much value on your design of mission-critical command & control centre. In-built OSD control interface by hotkey operation to access and control the source intuitively, able to control multiple sources on a single monitor at the same time.

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High Lights of IP Based KVM - DSIII
Ultra Stability for 24/7 Operation

Decentralized architecture, without single point of failure design, more stable for 24/7 operation with network redundancy.

High Lights of IP Based KVM - DSIII
Intuitive & Dynamic OSD for Quick Control

IP KVM HDMI, Get pixel perfect image quality and visually latency free user experience, Competence to any mission critical tasks

High Lights of IP Based KVM - DSIII
High Efficient Team Collaboration

By network KVM switch over IP, operators can collaborate with each other by content sharing, internal video call, view & control up to 8 PC on single monitor simultaneously.

High Lights of IP Based KVM - DSIII
IP KVM Switch, Simplify the Office Environment

Locate critical server hardware in a secure server room, isolated from the noise,heat and dust. Create a comfortable environment for control room operators.

More Benefits of IP Based KVM

Cross Monitor Switching

Mouse seamless crossing(support multiple screens control), Automatically an intuitively switching just by mouse cursor moving from one monitor to another

KVMoIP Dynamic Monitor Layout

Multiviewing on single monitor with max. 8 windows to access and control up to 8 differents PCs at same time on KVM IP Switch

Interactive Control by Touch KVMoIP

IP KVM HDMI supports to connect a monitor with multi touch features and control the source PC by finger touch instead of physical keyboard & mouse.

Friendly Login Options

Optional way to login KVM system by ID & Password, Fingerprint or Face ID.

Flexible Permission Management

Adminstrator able to assign source access permission for different users account in four levels (Exclusive/Share/Private/View only)

Follow Me Experience

Operator can login account at any workspace console to get control the permissioned source by seating freely.


Demo Video about IP Based KVM System

Demo Video about IP Based KVM System

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