Dynamic and Intuitive<br>Control Room Solutions

Dynamic and Intuitive
Control Room Solutions

In a mission-critical control room environment, data gathering, information display, monitoring, and prompt incident response are most critical and tactical for operators, AV over IP control room video wall display solutions should bring efficiency for more productive collaboration and decision-making.

AVCiT's Intuitive Video Wall Processing over IP & Dynamic KVM over IP is a turnkey command control room display solution to transmit and display amounts of information on the large AVoIP video wall and enhance the efficiency of operator collaboration.

Schematic of AVCiT Control Room Display Solutions

Schematic of AVCiT Control Room Display Solutions

Control Room Solutions Benefits

Add Value for your Control Room Video Wall Control Design

Simplify Operator Workspace for More Comfortable Environment

Computers/sources could be separated from the workspace console desk and stored in the server room, where they are safe, air-conditioned, so that heat and noise emissions in the office can be eliminated. 

Each operator is equipped with one keyboard & mouse and multiple monitors to control any source by intuitively moving a mouse cursor from one monitor to another. AVCiT's command center video wall solutions offer an easy way for operators to control any source. They use one keyboard, mouse, and multiple monitors to navigate between screens and manage any source they need. Operators get an overview on a single video wall of multiple sources offered. This helps monitor progress and make decisions with accuracy and speed during critical events.

Dynamic KVM with Flexible Monitor Layout

With the built-in floating OSD, the operator can access and control up to 13 PCs on a single monitor simultaneously with different monitor layouts, including Full view, Quad view and other multi-view layouts. Each dynamic layout is available to save as a preset and recall in just one second, helping with fast decision-making.

Flexible Permissions Assignment

There are 4 permission levels for the Administrator to manage operators' permission to access a source, including EXCLUSIVE, SHARE, VIEW ONLY and PRIVATE. Each user could be assigned individual user permissions which can be fully customized.

Intuitive Video Wall Control

Pixel perfect image control for all types of control room video wall like LCD, LED or DLP screens. Realtime content previews whatever local or remote sources by software UI, ensuring that the correct content can be always switched to the command center video wall intuitively.

Free drag-and-drop to control the sources on the command center video wall, Maximum 16 x FHD(or 4 x 4K) multi-viewing on a single display.

Scenario Preset and Recall by One Touch

Unlimited preset could be created to save video wall layout, preferred sources and environment control. Just press the relative recall button for the preferred scenario.

Multi-location Collaboration

Revolutionary 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 Smart KVM over low bitrate by HEVC encoding/decoding technologies with low bandwidth requirement, dedicated control room display video over IP solutions for large scale, mission-critical video wall control room installation among different sites.

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