Fiber KVM Matrix - Phinx

Fiber KVM Matrix - Phinx

AVCIT PHINX is a Fiber KVM Matrix System with simple and smart user experience without wasting any fiber ports. Thanks to dynamic ports of KVM Matrix switch, any PHINX ports can be automatically detected as inputs for the computers, or outputs for the user ports, as soon as the KVM over Fiber Input/Output Node connects to Phinx host.

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High Lights of Fiber KVM Matrix-Phinx
Full Redundancy

System active/standby configuration can be conveniently performed. Power failure of any host does not affect operation; it has high reliability even in complex application environments

High Lights of Fiber KVM Matrix-Phinx
Extreme User Experience by Nearly Zero Latency

The end-to-end latency is less than 2 ms, perfect user experience, data information can be accessed in real-time, so that operator has no latency feeling to control the remote source like locally.

High Lights of Fiber KVM Matrix-Phinx
High Security & Stability Mechanism

The redundant and hot-swap technology of the fiber KVM backup mechanism provides stable and secure system support for cooling systems, temperature control systems, power systems, load control, control boards, input/output boards and link redundancy.

High Lights of Fiber KVM Matrix-Phinx
Nearly Original Image Quality

Pioneer image process technology of kvm over fiber can ensure original source image transmitting over ultra high bandwidth by 4:4:4 chroma, resolution is up to 3840x2160, no black screen, no splash screen.

More Benefits of Fiber KVM Matrix

Flexible Architecture

Fiber KVM matrix system can be flexibly configured as a KVM matrix, KVM Switch, KVM extender over fiber or video wall controller.

Dynamic Port Assignment

Each port of I/O module from KVM matrix enclosure can be user-configured as an input or an output by plug & play.

Seamless Switching

Operator can get access to any source by extremely seamless switching via OSD and hot key.

Simplified Operator Workspace

Equip multiple monitors and single keyboard&mouse for Workspace console only, operator can get access and control the source remotely on any connected monitors.

Efficient Collaboration

Intuitive to collaborate between operators by PUSH feature to share the PC content and audio&video call feature to discuss.

Flexible Permission Assignment

Each source could be configured by different access permission according to user account.


Demo Video about Phinx Fiber KVM Matrix

Demo Video about Phinx Fiber KVM Matrix

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