Integrated Video Wall Control & KVM Solutions

All-in-one Decentralized & Dynamic KVM Matrix Switch and Video Over IP Solutions

Video over IP solutions can accelerate the decision-making process by distributing the available data and information visualiziedly and intuitively; With revolutionary H.265 4:4:4 encoding/decoding technologies over low bitrate and optional Fiber KVM matrix solutions, our accumulated and combined expertise in control room, allows us to innovate and add more value to meet the diverse and growing needs for audio visual integration of clients from different industries.
AVCiT AV Over IP Solutions

Integrated Video Wall Control & KVM Solutions

Our IP Based Audio Video Integration Solutions for command & control room consists of Video Wall Processing and Smart KVM Tech, which are dedicatedly designed for your mission critical Network Operation Center (NOC), Security Operation Center (SOC), Emergency Operation Center (EOC), Airport Operation Center(AOC), Transportation Control Center (TOC), and Meeting Room Audio Visual Solutions etc.

Dynamic and Intuitive<br>Control Room Solutions

Dynamic and Intuitive
Control Room Solutions

Accelerating the decision-making process and 24/7 operation
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Transportation Control Center<br>(TOC) Solutions

Transportation Control Center
(TOC) Solutions

Managing infrastructure crossing platform and region
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Airport Operation Center <br> (AOC) Solutions

Airport Operation Center
(AOC) Solutions

Enhance collaborative efficiency and decision making for operators to manage complex airport infrastrucutre and incidents
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Network Operation Center <br> (NOC) Solutions

Network Operation Center
(NOC) Solutions

Monitor and optimize network performance and availability, and to ensure continuous uptime
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Security Operations Center <br> (SOC) Solutions

Security Operations Center
(SOC) Solutions

Keep the cyber free from the attacks and protect sensitive data and reduce risk of downtime
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Emergency Operation Center <br> (EOC) Solutions

Emergency Operation Center
(EOC) Solutions

Optimizing the responsiveness of emergency services
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Conference Meeting Room<br>Audio Video Solutions

Conference Meeting Room
Audio Video Solutions

Provide high-efficient visualized and collaborative platform
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Why choose AVCiT AV Over IP Solutions


Leader of LED/LCD/DLP video wall control over IP technologies


Pioneer to develop dynamic KVM over IP technologies


Leading market share in the AV-over-IP control room field


Own talent to full control R&D and Production, Marketing and Sell

All-in-one Control Room AV Over IP Solutions

All-in-one Control Room AV Over IP Solutions

All-in-one Control Room Solutions
All-in-one Control Room AV Over IP Solutions
Follow Me

User's personal configuration will follow the workspace wherever he log in, so that the chief can fast access the computers/sources when he login by his user account in the crisis room

All-in-one Control Room AV Over IP Solutions
One Touch

Presets recalling, scenarios switching, environment controlling and task multi-casting etc., all these operations are intuitively done by one touch. Hence, the operator can have control over all scenarios efficiently.

All-in-one Control Room AV Over IP Solutions
Cross Platform Cross Region

The computers/sources can be shared among multiple isolated locations/regions and multiple platforms (Windows, Android, Linux, Mac) Therefore, the operators can access and share any dynamic information for fast decision-making.

All-in-one Control Room AV Over IP Solutions
User Defined

Benefiting from our years of technology accumulation and technical advantages, we provide user-defined, segmented, and deeply customized Industrialized AV over IP solutions for a dedicated user experience, according to the requirement of the client's workflow.

All-in-one Control Room AV Over IP Solutions
Smart Mouse

Simply by one mouse and keyboard, operator can control unlimited computers intuitively just by moving mouse cursor from one monitor to another, what's more, up to 8 computers can be displayed simultaneously on one monitor, simplify work flow and improve efficiency.

How to choose AV over IP Solutions for Control Room?

The AV over IP Solutions for Control Room

AV over IP has been widely used to replace/upgrade the traditional AV architecture. In this article, we’re going to introduce the concept and advantages of Video over IP solutions. 

When we are talking about av over IP in the field of professional audio visual integration, we must have received some education and heard a lot of brand names, technologies, such as jpeg2000, v/c2, mjpg, h.264/HEVC, compression ratio, bandwidth/bit rate, latency and so on.

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How to choose AV over IP Solutions for Control Room?
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