Operation & Maintenance Platform

Operation & Maintenance Platform

AVCIT Remote Command and O&M (Operation & Maintenance) Platform will be combined and operated together with IP Based KVM Video Collaboration System, which is able to monitor the system health and running condition by visual graphic, send alert notice by SMS or e-mail, manage devices locally and remotely, achieve mobile command
It provides effective and reliable visual data and charts for users, and allows to manage and configure the devices, including encoder/decoder node and 3rd party devices.
The platform is also built-in the video wall management feature for intuitive video switching and layout management, and allow to create multiple users with different permission, which is great add-value for multiple rooms managements in same or differetn building.

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High Lights of Remote Command and O&M Platform
Realtime Alert Notice

There will be pop-up alert information if any devices is offline, overload or failure, and support to send the notification of emergency events to manager via e-mail or download the alert logs.

High Lights of Remote Command and O&M Platform
Flexible User and Permission Management

Broswer/Server Structure allow multiple users to access the platform by google chrome or other web broswer via any OS device. User permission could be set according to platform page, video wall setup, each encoder/decoder or other devices.

High Lights of Remote Command and O&M Platform
Remote and Mobile Command

Supervisor could access and manage the control room devices remotely, including video wall layout management, soure control by Web-KVM, audio control and device management.

High Lights of Remote Command and O&M Platform
Intuitive System Health Monitoring

System running conditions, devices status, system traffic flow, user activity, environment condition could be monitored and appeared intuitively by visualized UI and modular visual graphics.

More Benefits of Remote Command and O&M Platform

Built-in Web-KVM feature

Available to access and control the source PC by web broswer remotely, so that supervisor doesn't need to manage the PC at physical KVM Workspace Console.

Visualized Video Wall Management

Built-in the control features to manage video wall layout and switch source in real-time preview

Intuitive to manage devices locally or remotely

All devices could be managed by grouping tree chart according to dept., or rooms.
and available to access the platform and manage devices locally or remotely.

Cost saving for multi-room management

Operator could access and manage relative room's video wall and PC source according to his account permssion, all the devices from different rooms of same building could be managed by same Platform.

Compatible to manage 3rd party devices

Support to integrate, monitor and manage 3rd party device, including sensor of PM2.5, Temperature and Humidity, lighting status, air conditiner etc.


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