IP Based Video Wall Controller - DSII

IP Based Video Wall

Controller - DSII

AVCIT DSII node is a video encoder and decoder to transmit FHD/4K video

over standard 1Gigabit infrastructure, the IP video wall controller could be 

combined as a video wall controller and applied in the integrated control 

room of NOC/EOC/SOC/JOC, with multiple functions involved i.e.visualized 

dispatching, video wall controlling, CCTV integrating, connecting & interoperating.

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High Lights of IP Based Video Wall Controller
Visualized User Experience of IP Video Wall Controller

Real-time preview and monitoring of content on iOS/Window control tablet, what you see is what you GET, drag & drop control to switch source and manage controller video wall layout.

High Lights of IP Based Video Wall Controller
Simplified Cabling, Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Simplifying the audio and video system architecture, Only 1GB network are required to transmit high-quality content.

High Lights of IP Based Video Wall Controller
Greater Flexibility & Scalability

Greater Flexibility & Scalability to match the requirement in whatever small, or large scale mission-critical control room

High Lights of IP Based Video Wall Controller
Environment Control

Optional environment control via RS232/485/IR/IO/UDP protocol for 3rd party device, i.e.lighting, power on/off, temperature, magic classs, alarm integration etc. Integrate all the control buttons at same UI as video wall management.

High Lights of IP Based Video Wall Controller
Pixel perfect image over low bitrate

Patented AVCiT Screen Encoder Technologies, get a 4:4:4 high-quality image display over ultra-low bandwidth.

The Benefits Of IP Based Video Wall Controller

Flexible Architecture

No limit on the channels of input and output to combine different scale of video wall display system, flexible to expand.

Interactive Control

Intutively make annotation and highlight any content on video wall by On Screen Display, available to add the scrolling or fixed banner.

High Performance of Multi-viewer Function

Maximum 16 FHD PIP/POP layers on a single display, unlimited presets/layouts to save and recall.

Great Performance of Image Sync Processing

Works with any LCD display, DLP screen and LED sending box with irregular resolution in accurate image sync, without additional led video wall processor requirement.

Advanced Audio Control Feature

Built-in volume control, audio separator and mixer, available to display single channel source audio.

Powerful Image Processing

Simultaneously transmit up to 50 channels high quality content over 1GB network.


Demo Video about IP Based Video Wall Controller

Demo Video about IP Based Video Wall Controller

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