Airport Operation Center <br> (AOC) Solutions

Airport Operation Center
(AOC) Solutions

The Airport Operation Center (AOC) has become a more critical hub for airport facility & security management, and flight management than ever before. Airport authority manages complex infrastructure and integrated systems, which is cross platform and region, AVCiT provides all-in-one control room solutions, which make AOC more efficient to manage the infrastructures & fight information and collaborate with OCC, ATC and Airport Police Call Center, etc.

Schematic of Airport Operation Center

Schematic of Airport Operation Center


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Benefits of Airport Operation Center

Simplify Workspace, Ensure Data Security

Phinx Fiber KVM Matrix Switch and the affiliated KVM extending system could access multiple computers remotely over multiple user workspaces simultaneously. It separates computers/sources from the users' workspace to install in the server room, which not only saves the space of the control room, but also creates a terrific working condition with no disturbances of heat and noise emissions.

Benefits of Airport Operation Center

High Stability & Full Redundancy

Benefiting from preventive strategies and nanosecond monitoring, Phinx Fiber KVM Matrix system can realize 365 x 24 non-stop & redundancy KVM system for the control centers like AOC, EOC and TOC, with no black screen or splash screen. No pause or noise could be detected by the user even in the case of failure of a point.

Benefits of Airport Operation Center

Comfortable experience by low latency

To minimize the fatigue and maximize the efficiency of operators, Phinx Fiber KVM Matrix system achieves a point-to-point latency of less than 0.004s, fixing the inaccurate mouse pointing and mouse drifting due to latency, providing a great user experience, which is the same as the local computer mouse.

Benefits of Airport Operation Center

Smart Workspace, Multi-view Features

In Avcit video over ip solutions, the operator can access up to 4 sources/computers simultaneously in a dynamic multi-view layout. such as quad view, and each quad view computer can be fastly projected to a connected monitor seamlessly.

Benefits of Airport Operation Center

Options of multiple ports and resolutions

The resolution is up to 4096*2160, with no black screen, no splash screen, and a perfect user experience of cross monitor switching by mouse.

Benefits of Airport Operation Center

Perfect image quality

Phinx Fiber KVM Matrix System is designed by FPGA structure with leading image processing technology, ensuring the uncompressed image transmission over 12 G bandwidth fiber in 4:4:4 chroma, without frame loss, and mosaic.

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