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Dynamic and Intuitive
Control Rooms

Intuitive Video Wall Processing over IP & Dynamic KVM over IP solutions for use in mission-critical environments, such as command & control, integrated operations centers, network operations centers, emergency operations centers. 
(In a Mission-Criticial Environment, Control room, data gathering, information displays, monitoring and incident response promtly is tatical for end users ).


Control Rooms System

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Add Value for your Control Room Design

Intuitive Video Wall Control
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Realtime content preview, whatever local or remote sources, ensure the correct content can be always switched to the video wall intuitively.​
Free drag-and-drop to control the sources on the video wall, Maxmum 16 x FHD(or 4 x 4K) multi-viewing on a single display.

Storing Computers In Server Room

Computers/sources could be separated from the workspace and stored in the server room, where they are safe, air-conditioned,so that heat and noise emissions in the office can be eliminated.

AVCiT_Features_Storing Computers In Serv
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Smart KVM over IP

Workspace operators can access computers/sources seamlessly, and share/cast them to other operators or video wall by hotkey. Once break news happened, it can be reported and casted to other relevant operators and video wall immediately. 

AVCiT_Features_Visualized KVM Control Pa
Visualized KVM Control Panel

Preview all source real-time at OSD, Access up to 8 computers/channels simultaneously on one monittor, and have multi-viewing with dynamic layout, on any monitor of your workspace.

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Cross Monitor Switching

AVCIT DS3.0 KVM decoder enables an operator to connect unlimited monitor on his workspace console; 
By only one mouse + keyboard, Operator can switch and control between computers intuitively just by moving the mouse cursor from one monitor to another, with an experience.

AVCiT_Features_Permissions Configuration
Permissions Configuration

There shall be 4 permissions levels for Administrator to manage operators’ permission to access a source, EXCLUSIVE, SHARE, VIEW ONLY and PRIVATE. Each user could be assigned individual user permissions which can be fully customizable.


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