Intuitive Collaboration

Meeting Rooms

Share presentations with your teams intuitively by drag/drop, whatever local or remote participants, project your ideas to the video wall by annotation pencil or simply by one touch, bring efficiency to meeting rooms for a more productive collaboration.


Meeting Rooms System

AVCiT_Meeting Room Schematic.jpg
AVCiT_Meeting Room Schematic.gif
AVCiT_Simultaneous Displaying.png
AVCiT_KVM on Control Tablet.png


Add Value for your Control Room Design

Scheduled Preset Recalling


Multiple preset can be recalled manually or automatically according to the scheduled time point and scheduled frequency.

Simultaneous Displaying

What is displaying on video wall A can be synchronized to video wall B, for better collaboration and command, whatever the scale of the video wall.

NEW SYNC VIDEO WALL 20190919163211.jpg
Central Controller Feature.png

Environment Control

Support the RS232/485/IO/IR etc environment control, can control Light, TV ON/OFF etc by one control panel.


KVM on Control Tablet

Operators shall be able remotely access any Window/Linux/Android sources on Window OS control UI, and operate the PC, just like a local computer.



Share your ideas with your teams simply by one touch or pencil annotation on a tablet.


Collaborating Cross platform Cross region

The sources can be shared among multiple isolated regions and multiple platform(Windows/Android/Linux/Mac) Therefore, the operators can access any dynamic information for fast decision-making.


of AVCiT Dynamic Control Rooms