Smart meeting room solution by


connect every meeting room monitors to any computers

by the unique H.265 encoder and decoder,

which is designed to transmit FHD/4K video

over standard Gigabit Ethernet,

and realized extraordinary high image quality

(chroma up to 4:4:4) over low-bitrate (4~20Mbps) streams; 

It is significant for information sharing and collaborating among multiple space in multiple locations.  Benefiting from its no-server architecture, any single encoder/decoder’s bug will not affect the entire system, It will surely add much value on your design of mission critical meeting room.

With just a user ID or fingerprint ID:

  • Meeting participant can access his computer at any other touch monitor in the meeting room, or monitor at any other workplace

  • Meeting participant can intuitively share his computer to specific memeber by touch or mouse

Learn more details about AV over IP & KVM over IP.

Multi-Location Video Collaboration

The computers/sources can be shared among multiple locations (command center, meeting room, board room etc.) Therefore, the chief can watch any dynamic information for fast decision-making.

An operator can control multiple computers remotely on multiple workspaces, by mouse/keyboard or touches. Optional reading USB disk/camera/headset is available another USB matrix, which has a natural linkage to the GET/PULL hotkey

Intuitive & Visualized

Video Wall Control

Realtime content preview, whatever local or remote sources, ensure the correct content can be always switched to the video wall intuitively.

Free drag-and-drop to control the sources on the video wall, resize,

re-position, zoom in/out;

Max 4xFHD +12xSD multi-viewing by DSII-2K, and Max 16 x FHD(or 4 x 4K) multi-viewing by DSII-4K

Scheduled Preset Recalling

Multiple preset can be recalled manually or automatically according to the scheduled time point and scheduled frenquency

Soft KVM & Annotation Support


Soft KVM features on Window OS control UI

System Schematic

Simplified Cabling and Reduced Infrastructure Costs, Greater Flexibility & Scalability

Learn more details about AV over IP & KVM over IP.

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