Network Operation Center

In a flat world, Network operations centers (NOC) are the intelligence hubs where all information about the network performance is collected and monitored. This requires an extremely reliable visualization solution, from sources to displays. AVCIT offers revolutionary all-in-one control room solutions,  which make NOC more intuitive and efficient to manage your infrastructures in the data center.

Designed for 24/7 network monitoring


​of Network Operation Center


Add Value for your Network Operation Center Design

Storing Computers In Server Room

Computers/sources could be separated from the workspace and stored in the server room, where they are safe, air-conditioned, so that heat and noise emissions in the office can be eliminated.

Smart KVM over IP

Revolutionary 4K@60Hz HDR 4:4:4 Smart KVM over low bitrate HEVC encoding/decoding technologies, dedicated design for large scale, mission-critical control room installation.

Cross Monitor Switching

Connect unlimited monitor for one mouse + keyboard at a workspace. Automatically and intuitively switching just by mouse cursor moving from one monitor to another.

Intuitive Video Wall Control

Realtime content preview on video wall control tablet, ​Free drag-and-drop to control,whatever local or remote sources, ensure the correct content can be always switched to the video wall intuitively.

Visualized KVM Control Panel

Real timely Preview all source at OSD of KVM control panel before getting access, what you see is what you get.

Permissions configuration

Fully user permission administration whereby different types of access to all KVM connected systems and priority levels can be assigned on an individual basis.


of AVCiT Dynamic Network Operation Center

Integrated NOC Solutions for 9 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore

Integrated NOC Solutions for 9 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore

Network Operation Center Injazat.png

Network Operation Center - Injazat Data Systems

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