Say Adios to Discontinued Touch Panel

10, Aug 2015, Guangzhou China, AVCIT Electronics announced later last week that all existing old model of touch panel will be soon discontinued, and replaced slim model AS-7 and AS-10, which are android OS based, smaller and smarter, size is 7 and 10.1 inches.

RF touch panel XP1700, XP4700, XP5700 and SP2700 is originated as early as the year 2006, when AVCIT was going to develop it is own wired control system, XP1700 is the oldest model, which is with a 5.7'' touch screen, which is nowadays the size of a mobile eveywhere, but that is a fantastic interface for many customer before iPad was released on the year 2010

"It is time to say adios to these thick-looking touch panel", said by the Vice President of AVCIT Electronics Mr David Yee ,"More and more customer choose ipad and other android pad as the interface of control system, for customer who prefer the interface not just stylish and slim, but also security, our new model AS-7 and AS-10 is the option if they prefer wired system"

About: AVCIT Electronics is the leading supplier of Pro Audio&Video systems in China, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of R&D, manufacturing and sales a collection HD matrix switcher over IP, central control and touch screen systems, digital audio conference systems

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