Unique Fiber KVM Matrix with Built-in Video Wall Control Features

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AVCiT Phinx - Fiber KVM Matrix integrates powerful features, including visualized video dispatching, seamless video wall control, smart KVMs collaboration, Remote interconnection, remote control collaboration, intelligent consultation, smart environmental control, system operation, and maintenance, provide unique value-added and all-in-one video transmission, processing, control and display solutions to Command Center, which is the core hub in many fields related to national security and people's livelihood development.

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AVCiT Phinx can be widely used in scenarios such as command center-command hall/consultation and judgment, multi-level linkage and integration consultation, Multi-level Linkage and Integrated Consultation, Horizontal Joint Operations + Remote Command, etc.

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AVCiT Phinx adopts blockchain-like technologies, with E-sports level of video transmission-almost 0 latency, and build-in smart KVMS switching technologies; It provides 4K@60 4:4:4 image quality solutions, ensure the instantaneous transmission of varieties of information, it could highly restore original image quality, handle related instructions promptly and efficiently, never miss any key data.

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AVCiT Phinx supports video wall control directly and is currently the only fiber-optic KVM product on the market that has both KVM and video wall control. This means that the operator can easily control the KVM and the video wall display with only one set of the system.

AVCiT Phinx adopts fiber architecture instead of IP, with physical isolation mechanism and embedded Phinx-S Regular Expression security engine technologies to ensure absolute information security. And redundancy mechanism guarantees extremely high stability, security, and scalability even in many harsh and complex application environments, Any single node's failure does not affect the operation, easy to expand and upgrade.

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Besides, AVCiT Phinx has powerful scalability and compatibility, such as LED/LCD/DLP/DID video wall control, visualized video dispatching, system operation and maintenance, and compatible with 3rd party platform seamlessly, i.e. it could be integrated by other O&M Sys via SNMP protocol, greatly optimize the process and improve efficiency by one chart.

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