AVCIT Control System serves the Lecture hall in Centre Hospital of Suizhou

Located in historical city Suizhou, Centre Hospital of Suizhou is a comprehensive hospital which feature medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and emergency treatment.

According to the planning of lecture hall, all the lighting, audio and video devices will be integrated and be able to control by a ipad, instead of doing all these controls by a pile of remote control and wall plates. That just match the professionals and advantage of AVCIT, yet we are prideful to be at the service.

David Yee, AVCIT’s vice president, describes the project:“We were given the task to offer a solution that would utilize the entire video recorder, voice recorder, DVD, camera TV, giant screen, curtain, all lighting, amplifier, and make them to be easily controlled and maintained by any member of the hospitals staff.It was the perfect undertaking for AVCIT and we are extremely proud of the results.”

Of special note, the lecture hall has been engineered for any staff to get all controlled via ipad and a custom-made friendly interface, no more training are required.

About: AVCIT Electronics is the leading supplier of Pro Audio&Video systems in China, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of R&D, manufacturing and sales a collection Modular matrix switcher over, IP based matrix and control system, central control and touch screen systems, digital audio conference systems.


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