Debut of IP Based & KVM Video Collaboration System at ISE 2017

Featuring an integrated KVM and control System, AVCIT Electronics bring its upstart product: IP Based KVM Video Collaboration System to ISE 2017, VIsitors is several times more than that in ISE 2016, feedbacks from visitors are better than ever.

It is not just KVM and control, but all-in-one solution also for presentation, multi-view, video switching & distribution which is very visually impressive; The preview of content and live video are directly playing on a window of iPad/PC, all control simply on or between the preview window and video wall mirror, by finger or mouse directly.

“What you see is what you get is the design goal of of AVCIT’s IP Based & KVM video collaboration system", said by Fang, the head of R&D,"which allows multi-user to make video switching, zooming, roaming and controls, all are with real-time preview".

Thanks to its discrete and scalable configuration, It is compact and flexible for various size of installation, cabling simply by twisted pair only.

#videocollaboration #videowallcontroll

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