Iceland’s fishing vessel powered by AVCIT IP Based system

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The maiden voyage of Storm HF 294, the first fishing vessel in Iceland that is electrically powered, started in the beginning of 2018.

Storm HF 294 is also the first new line in the liner fleet for sixteen years. Many leading maritime technology were deployed in this vessel, including ARPA radar, ECDIS, underwater camera, IP CCTV, and other maritime system.

All these maritime video sources were transmitted over CAT7 cable, to the LCD wall, configured by AVCIT visualized video control system, so that the captain can watch the real time images, not just in control room, but also anywhere on the vessel, by his iPad Pro.

One more highlighting features of AVCIT IP Based system is flexible, it is IP based, and IP NDcoder is POE powered, with an ultimate compact body, light-weight, and power-efficient, IP codec node will not occupy installation space and never cost much electricity power.

The ship comes from Gdansk in Poland, and took about two years to construction.The storm is 45 meters long, about a thousand gross tiers, and takes up to 400 tons of frozen product on the train. In addition,thanks to such electrical equipment, Storm HF 294 will minimize environmental impact and increase efficiency in fishing.


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