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What AVCiT’s IP Based KVM solution can do to fight against COVID-19?

Updated: May 15, 2020

At present, COVID-19 has infected more than 160,000 people worldwide. From the perspective of international relations and global governance, the fight against COVID-19 is a test of global governance capabilities.

How to ensure economic development while fighting against the COVID-19 with control room technologies play an important role. AVCiT uses HEVC based AV over IP technologies to serve for epidemic prevention and control decision-making and industrial production operations, helping pan-industry to realize the construction and activation of integrated visual control centers for control and scheduling and provides innovative solutions to ensure epidemic prevention and control, and production Development.

AVCiT's AV over IP Solutions for Government

The best way to combat COVID-19 is to control it in time and stop it in time. On February 10, "CCTV News" reported how to control the epidemic with Big data.

AVCiT's AV over IP Solutions helped Zhejiang establish and launch a "Social Governance Integrated Service Management Big Data Platform" that integrates big data provided by CDC(Chinese Center for disease control and prevention), and sectors of communications, power, transportation, and others. According to the Big data image analysis and prediction of epidemic development trends, each sectors dispatches reasonably controls the movement of personnel, and ensures the distribution and transfer of medical, living and production materials.

Operators can use a single keyboard and mouse to remotely control multiple computers placed in the server room via IP-based KVM (KVM over IP --DSIII). And display the work on the LED video wall directly synchronously by DSII (Video Wall Controller over IP --DSII).

AVCiT's AV over IP Solutions for Enterprise

Logistics is an important part of ensuring adequate material during quarantine and recovery. For logistics companies, ensuring the stable operation of the logistics system during the epidemic is a mission-critical task.

The news link of "CCTV News" reported on the operating pressure and positive measures taken by Chinese logistics companies affected by the epidemic. According to reports, Chongqing's "multimodal transport big data service platform", which was built and launched by AVCiT's AV over IP Solutions has achieved zero failures running since 2016 and has played an important role during epidemic prevention and recovery.

Chongqing's "multimodal transport big data service platform" realizes the cross-regional and cross-industry joint operations of multiple sectors in Chongqing. It collects data on national epidemiological distribution and traffic control in order to accurately design logistics routes based on these data.

AVCiT‘s AV over IP solution connected two control centers(one is Parts supply chain center, and the other is Vehicle logistics centerResponsible) and server room which is on the different floors, and display the logistics information on the 17*3 LCD Video wall which sync directly by DSII(Video Wall Controller over IP --DSII).

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