Based on B/S architecture, DSII can display multiple 4K 4:4:4 high-quality images with no centralized server/processor required.

DSII can support LED/LCD/DLP walls etc processing with no video wall processor required, overlap, zoom in/out, resize and reposition, and it able to decode third party RTSP protocol such as Hikvion, Dahua CCTV and SCADA, etc mainstream system.


DSIII is KVM encoder and decoder with no standalone KVM server required, without single point of failure design, much more stable for 24/7 operations.

Stored in Server Room where is secured, to eliminate the noise, heat and dust. designed to transmit FHD or UHD video over standard 1Gigabit Ethernet with low latency(less than30ms).

Using Hotkey and OSD for operators to make sure high efficient team work,one operator'smonitor can get access up to 8 PC sources simultanously, multiviewing with multiple layout, which can be customized by your own.


Fiber KVM Matrix, especially deploying for the Live events and E-sports with pxiel perfect image quality and Zero Latency. 

Phinx can uplink and work with IP based system perfectly, with bi-direction MIC interface to support the internal video call , can output audio and also can transmit and save the voice of the operators in the PC

AVCiT-Product-2K Matrix.png

Matrix Switches, Modular Structure with chassis, input and output cards, support all digital and analog formats, such as AV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI and video wall controller card is optional and Support the Hot Swappable, so that easy to configure and maintain.
And it supports the EDID, seamless switching with no black, no splash screen to make sure to display the perfect high image quality.

  • E-CP4C, which is environment control for RS232/485/IO/IR controlling, work with DSII/DSIII CODEC.

  •  DS3.0 Operation&Maintenance system is NMS platform for real-time monitoring of devices running, to ensure the stability of the system for the control rooms. This NMS is optional.

  • DS3.0 User log system is another optional software for the IP based system, which is for recording all the operation of the keystrokes track, and account Login/out.




Speed Transmission






Chroma Display

The actual 10000+ cases have been successfully used in Transportation, Public Security, Finance, Telecomm, Energy &
Utility and other industry fields, and provided for NOC, SOC, EOC, AOC, TOC, etc. command centers and conference
room clusters, and business enterprise scheduling Mature is the solution.

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