ASE Coding Technology - Excellent in Both Definition and Bitrate

In the professional AV field, especially for video wall control and KVM collaboration control in various command & control centers, coding technology is very important for the processing and display of images and videos. With the evolution of technology, people are not only pursuing high bitrates to ensure high picture quality, but also lower bandwidth transmission.

To cope with the increasingly urgent requirements for coding images/video contents for control rooms in variant industries, AVCiT has developed its own patent coding technology ASE (AVCiT screen encoder) for H.265 image enhancement processing to achieve 4:4:4 original image quality over low bitrate, achieving a revolutionary technological breakthrough.


Comparison of ASE with other coding technologies

In the professional AV industry, AVCiT is the first manufacturer to develop this coding technology and provide all-in-one solutions. With AVCiT's ASE coding technology, users no longer have to make hard choices between algorithms, bitrate and bandwidth. It breaks the industry technical bottleneck of "transmitting 50 4:4:4 high-quality signals on one gigabit network simultaneously" and satisfies users' requirements of "high resolution, high frame rate, high synchronization, low bitrate and low latency".


Technical Highlights of ASE

1.  4:4:4 Original Picture Quality

Support 4:4:4 full chroma maximum sampling recording and output to ensure the highest image quality. Compared to the 4:2:0 sampling method, it can keep more complete chroma information.

2.  HDR and 10bit high color depth

The ASE supports 10bit color depth and HDR, which can display up to 1.07 billion color, making the display of images/videos more colorful.

3.  Low bitrate and low latency

Based on H.265 algorithm, AVCiT's self-developed FPGA+DSP architecture video processing system can realize the transmission of 1080P 4:4:4 native quality images in only 20M bitrates.

AVCiT's ASE coding technology has achieved a technical milestone in the AV over IP industry and has been well received in various control room projects.Contact us to get the proper solution for your project! AVCiT's ASE coding technology has set a new benchmark in the AV over IP industry, garnering positive feedback for its exceptional performance in control room video wall projects. Contact us today for a customized solution that integrates seamlessly with your requirements, including a top-notch DVI video wall controller .

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