Control Room for Jákup Sverri

Jákup Sverri a new state-of-the-art marine research vessel that will conduct surveys of marine fish stocks has been put into use. The 54-meter-long vessel, fitted with the latest technologies for scientific analysis and related processes, is the Faroe Islands’ Marine Research Institute’s fourth research vessel and will replace the old research vessel, Magnus Heinason.


Jákup Sverri is equipped with highly automated equipment for oceanographic and fishing research activities, including pelagic and bottom trawling, underwater acoustic research, hydrographic, ROV operations, and plankton and bottom sampling. The vessel features four scientific laboratories and is built for operation in ice and cold climates.


As a leading video wall controller manufacturer, AVCiT provides the all-in-one KVM & video wall control over IP (h.265) solutions for the Vessel command control and meeting rooms, which consist of the Captain Operation Room, Conference Room, LAB Room, and IT Equipment Room. The solution built-in all the features of video wall control, KVM, matrix switching, signal extension, and central control into the encoder and decoder. Thanks to the decentralized and distributed architecture, it simplifies the cabling and operator console’s working environment.


By implementing our IP Based KVM system, all the workstation PC are installed in the IT equipment room, which is secure, well-air-conditioned, moisture-proof, and easy to maintain, workstations including Radar, Weatherstation, Seapath, CCTV IP Cameras, Entertainment, Maxsea, etc.

AVCiT DS Works visualized video wall control software makes Vessel Supervisor easier to switch and display any workstation source on any room’s video wall screen by Windows Tablet or iPad drag & drop control. The console operator is able to get access and control multiple workstations on three monitors with one keyboard & mouse at the same time to enhance the working efficiency.



What’s more, it’s a great honor for AVCiT that the client is satisfied with the solution, which brings them a unified and collaborative platform to combine all the sources and screens from different rooms, so that they can monitor and control any source at any room to increase the collaboration and decision-making efficiency.


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