​Fiber KVM Matrix


AVCIT PHINX is a KVM Matrix system with Simple and smart user experience without wasting any fiber ports, Thanks to its dynamic ports, Any PHINX ports can be automatically detected as input for computer, or output for user port, as soon as the Fiber Input/Output Node connects Phinx host.

AVCiT-Background-Pixel perfect image qua
AVCiT-Background-Pixel perfect image qua

Pixel perfect image quality

The resolution is up to 3840*2160, no black screen, no splash screen, perfect user experience of cross monitor switching by mouse .



Efficient assistance

Phinx can uplink and work with IP based system perfectly, with bi-direction MIC interface to support the internal video call , can output audio and also can transmit and save the voice of the operators in the PC.

Phinx supports simultaneous control of multiple displays through a mouse and keyboard, and supports simultaneous display and control of multiple signal sources on a single screen. In addition, Phinx also supports collaboration working with display walls and other consoles to make work more efficient.

AVCiT-Background-Gaming Level Nearly Zer

Gaming Level Control, Nearly Zero Latency

The end-to-end latency is within 1/10000 seconds, perfect user experience-Graphics, data information can be accessed in real-time, so that the decision can be transmitted to the operator instantaneously.

Diversified expansion

Phinx can cascade multiple hosts to expand the system scale. It can also be interconnected with DSII/DSIII to realize mutual signal retrieval between two systems.

AVCiT-Background-Multiple Advance.png


Video Wall


IP Camera


Video Wall

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