DSIII node is AVCIT unique H.264/265 video codec, for high efficiency KVM over IP, which provides multiple functions such as Smart KVM Matrix, Video Wall Controller, and Environment Control

  • Access up to 8 computers/channels on one monitor

  • Audio and controls will be automatically switched when cursor moves

  • Operator can directly drag any channel from one operator monitor to another

  • Push any remotely accessed contenct to video wall by hot key seamlessly

  • 4 permissions levels available for operators, EXCLUSIVE, SHARE, VIEW ONLY and PRIVATE

  • Cross Display Switching features

  • Connect as many of console display, LCD video wall

  • Intuitive & Visualized drag/drop control by mouse & finger

  • Recall custom-made video wall preset seamlessly

  • Real-time preview of content on iOS/Window control tablet and KVM OSD menu

  • POE, Plug & Play

  • Realized Chroma of 4:4:4 over 4-20Mbps streams


Product Details

Compared to traditional solutions by video wall matrix and KVM matrix, AVCIT is a decentralized system with no single node failure:

  • No standalone Server required

  • No standalone LED/LCD Video Wall Controller required

  • No HDMI/KVM Extender required

  • No Input Preview Card required to watch real-time content

  • No limit on the channels of input and outputs to the video wall display


Compared to other AV over IP solutions:

  • AVCIT requires standard 1GB ethernet switch

  • At most 31ms latency

  • High image quality up to Chroma of 4:4:4 by 4-20Mbps bit rates

  • Up to 8 KVM sources decoding on one operator monitor simultaneously

  • Up to 16 PIP/POP FHD sources decoding on one display simultaneously

Click and Learn about Feature and Solutions for Command Center / Meeting Room


System Schematic

Click and Learn about Feature and Solutions for Command Center / Meeting Room

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