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Optional Platform

E-CP4C, which is environment control for RS232/485/IO/IR controlling, work with DSII/DSIII CODEC.

 DS3.0 Operation&Maintenance system is NMS platform for real-time monitoring of devices running, to ensure the stability of the system for the control rooms. This NMS is optional.

DS3.0 User log system is another optional software for the IP based system, which is for recording all the operation of the keystrokes track, and account Login/out.



Environment control feature simply by adding one more E-CP4C controller via the RS232/485, IO, IR and Relay port of all the encoder/decoder.

AVCiT-Product-Operation Maintenance plat

Operation & Maintenance System

With DS3.0 Operation & Maintenance System, Real-time monitoring of the running state of the IP Based KVM system, showing the health status of the system from multi-dimensions, providing effective and reliable visual data and charts for users to assess the overall risk of the system.

AVCiT-Product-Operation Maintenance plat

User log system

DS 3.0 User log system is another optional features, it is designed to save all the operation of keystrokes and mouse, and the display control events.

More Details

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