Video Wall Control over IP


AVCIT DSII node is video encoder and decoder to transmit FHD/4K video over standard 1Gigabit infrastructure, it could be applied in the integrated control room of NOC/EOC/SOC/JOC, with multiple functions involved i.e.visualized dispatching, video wall controlling, CCTV integrating, connecting & interoperating, internal video conference

AVCiT-Background-perfect display over lo

Pixel perfect image over low bitrate

AVCiT Screen Encoder

Realized 4:4:4 high-quality image display

over low bitrate


Simplified Cabling, Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Simplify the audio and video system architecture and convert audio and video signals into network signals for transmission. Only short video cables are required for the connection between devices to avoid signal attenuation caused by long cables and reduce construction costs and difficulties.

AVCiT-Background-Flexible Usage Scenario

Greater Flexibility & Scalability

Greater Flexibility & Scalability to match the requirement in whatever small,

or large scale of mission critical control room


Visual Scheduling

Diversified functions of video wall control, native compatible with 3rd party RTSP steams

Matching Option

Optional environment control via RS232/485/IR/IO/UDP protocol, i.e.lighting, power on/off, temperature etc.

AVCiT-Background-Matching options.png

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