AVCIT Helps to Build an Integrated, Digital and Intelligent Power Dispatching Control Room

For a long time, the power dispatching control room has been shouldering the important task of maintaining power balance and ensuring the safe operation of power. With the deepening of the power system reform, the traditional power dispatching control room will face many challenges. As the "central nervous system" of power operation, how to carry out adaptive transformation and upgrading is a new problem and new challenge faced by the power industry.

1. Integrated command service platform

In order to further build a new type of power dispatching control room and reduce costs and increase efficiency for power dispatching, AVCiT launched a new digital and intelligent "power dispatching control room" solution, through the implementation of regionalized, digital, and information-based management of power dispatching, to achieve "sustained" power dispatching management and control, "standardized" safe operation, and "integrated" comprehensive service platform for monitoring, operation and maintenance.

2. Establish a new model of global data management

In view of the current new management situation of power dispatching control room solutions, AVCiT is equipped with professional intelligent information equipment, including "combined multimedia workstation", "intelligent control operation platform", "intelligent control locker" and other equipment. Thanks to professional information intelligent equipment, it can improve the safety "stability" of power dispatching, the "convenience" of information processing, and the "diversity" of resource sharing, further deepen the management concept of "vertical connection, horizontal coordination, and end-to-end integration", and improve the efficiency and benefits of power dispatching management, innovate a new mode of operation and management of the power dispatching control room, and effectively allow the people to enjoy convenient, efficient and high-quality power supply services.

Besides, in order to solve the visual fatigue caused by long-term work, at the beginning of the design of the power dispatching control room, AVCiT unified the use of all-alloy metal manufacturing and "all-in-one" sci-fi style design, and combined scientific and standardized hidden cable management, which makes the power dispatching control room support "7*24" all-round and all-time operation control, and also provides a safer, more stable and sci-fi working scene for the command and operation personnel of the power dispatching control room solutions. AVCiT's power dispatching control room solutions, equipped with IP video wall controller technology, provide a seamless and comprehensive visual display for monitoring and control. Combined with their intelligent information equipment, these solutions greatly enhance the safety, convenience, and resource-sharing capabilities of power dispatching, leading to improved efficiency and a futuristic working environment in the video wall control room.

3. Find a new mode of operation and maintenance to lead the high development of electric power

In the future, AVCiT will also provide intelligent solutions that are observable, measurable, controllable and visible to the power dispatching control room, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of power dispatching, help the safe and stable operation of power dispatching, and maximize the efficiency of energy use and create better social and economic benefits.

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