Digital KVM Solution in the Enterprise Data Center Room

1. Digital KVM is widely used in enterprises

With the development of IT infrastructure for Enterprise, some enterprises have a lot of branches, resulting in a considerable number of businesses running through the system every year. At the same time, the number of servers in the data cemter is also increasing year by year. In the past years, Digital KVM solution is more and mroe popular to be used to manage the computer host in the equipment room. However, the digital KVM has been widely used in many enterprises to manage the computer host in the equipment room.

In addition, due to the influence of design, construction, site selection and many other factors, resulting in the office location of some enterprises and the central data room separated two places, so that the room management personnel need to often run to check the server status, to solve the server/PC fault. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the network, if the traditional operation and maintenance method is still adopted, a lot of time will be wasted on the way, which directly affects the work efficiency of the enterprise.

2. The function of Digital KVM Solution

In order to adapt to the enterprise environment and business features, the digital KVM can also play a different role. In particular, the digital KVM can be used to allow users to access and control the server PC remotely, such as technical support and production machine management, so as to adjust the system and improve work efficiency. The remote KVM switcher is a type of KVM technology that can run over IP networks and is also a type of Digital KVM. Using this technology, the KVM device can be directly deployed on the Ethernet, and the server in the equipment room can be remotely controlled through the client console or WEB browser, achieving the purpose of remote management of equipment room devices anytime and anywhere.

There are a lot of IT equipment in the enterprise data center room, and there is an urgent need for a solution that can manage all IT equipment at one time. Because once the host fails, it often takes a lot of time to find the faulty host among many servers. However, with the centralized management of the digital KVM, system and network administrators can manage and control multiple hosts at a time and view the status of all hosts on a single computer screen, speeding up system troubleshooting, reducing the burden of maintenance, and reducing the total holding cost.

In addition, the remote management capability of the remote KVM switcher helps to cope with emergencies in the equipment room. When receiving an E-mail or short message from a mobile phone, IT personnel can remotely switch on and off the power supply and install applications by connecting to the network instead of coming to the equipment room. This improves the efficiency of IT personnel in handling problems. In addition, for multinational enterprises, remote KVM switchers can help manage IT systems in remote offices. The integration of digital KVM technology, complemented by IP KVM HDMI solutions and advanced KVM transmitter , significantly enhances enterprise data center rooms. By enabling remote access, centralized management, and swift troubleshooting of IT equipment, including control room video wall, the digital KVM solution empowers IT personnel to efficiently manage and optimize operations, boosting work efficiency and overall system reliability.

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