Fiber KVM Technology Facilitates the Integration of Power Grid Regulation

Under the development of energy, informationization and intelligentization have become the mainstream of the development of electric power industry. The quality of power regulation is related to the continuous stability of industrial production and residential power supply, which has a significant impact on economic and social progress. Therefore, stable integrated regulation is one of the top construction principles of electric power grid command center.

1. Fiber KVM Technology for Electric Power Command Centers

Fiber KVM technology is used to ensure the stable operation of electric power command centers from data security and system security. All services in the power grid command centers are not separated, and each department needs to cooperate with each other to handle a large amount of concurrent service data. We can use the human-machine separation mechanism of the fiber KVM collaboration system to centrally manage host devices in the server room and access all data of the service system in a unified resource sharing pool. In this way, the operator on the console can manage all IT equipment in the automatic computer rooms, and achieve uniform access and maintenance of internal business system, thus greatly improving the working efficiency of operators and maintenance personnel. Meanwhile and the working environment. In addition, the fiber KVM collaboration system can be configured with both the active and standby hosts to ensure system security. When a fault occurs, the system can be immediately switched to the standby host without any manual intervention.

Obviously, in order to prevent data leakage, the electric power command centers set different access permissions and operation permissions for the job responsibilities of operators. Within the scope of authority, operators can call out the data in the command centers according to mission requirements, capture or push it to the video walls or other displays with one click. In case of sudden failure, the meeting room will connect the video walls in the command centers for real-time interaction and give the highest emergency instructions.

2. Application of Fiber KVM Technology

The practical application in the electric power command center is similar to the duty room or the monitoring room, which requires a few operators to monitor the power data and feedback the abnormal data in the region in 7*24 hour shifts. With the fiber KVM collaboration system, we can use a set of keyboard and mouse to control multiple monitors or servers for duty officers to complete the monitoring work. IDC room pays more attention to the real-time operation of local data. We can also preset a set of keyboard and mouse and multiple monitors in one console to view or recall multiple local data, and command the video walls or other monitors to interact in real time.

At present, the new requirements of energy management and advanced information technology jointly promote the rapid development of smart grid, and the future electric power system will be the deep integration of energy and information. In modern control room setups, the fusion of fiber KVM technology, IP KVM HDMI solutions, and advanced KVM transmitter is crucial in power command centers. With seamless control over monitors and servers using a single keyboard and mouse set, duty officers efficiently monitor power data 24/7. As energy management and information technology converge, smart grids' growth emphasizes the role of fiber KVM tech in shaping future power systems.

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