How to Choose the Right HDMI Video Matrix?

1.Understanding of HDMl switches

The HDMl switch transmits one or more channels of HDMl signals to one or more display devices. For example, two computer hosts share a display, so the matrix switcher can switch the contents of the two computer hosts to the same or multiple displays at will.It supports various resolutions up to 1080p. Users can select any of the different signal input sources using the display device , and users can switch sources via remote control or manually. HDMl switch has 16 to 2 to 4. HDMI switch switches any HD video signal and multi-channel digital audio to one display output, supporting various resolutions up to 1080p. It can transmit multiple different HDMl signal input sources to the same HDMl display device.

The needs of each project is different, so the selection needs are also different. How do we choose theright HDMl video matrix? The selection of HDMl video matrix is a complex project, which involves the appropriate choice of video matrix and accessories, how to match the indoor scene, how to reasonably and effectively install it, how to debug the video matrix, how to avoid a series of interference, etc.

Nowadays, many devices use the all-digital HDMl media interface. The commonly used interface includesTV interfaces, computer interfaces, TV box interfaces and so on. HDMl matrix is to serve these devices with high-definition HDMl interface.In some specific occasions, such as conference rooms, studios,banquet halls and other places, the cross-switching management of HDMl signal is carried out. Then how do we choose the right HDMl video matrix?

2. Choose the right HDMl video matrix

Coming the first for how to select the right HDMl video matrix is to confirm the size of the matrix. The number of signal sources is relatively easy to determine. According to the number of signal sources, we can determine the number of inputs of the matrix.For example, in the school broadcasting room, there are16 computers, so there is a need to display the video contents of the computers on 16 screens respectively. Then we can first determine the need for signal switching in this situation.Then coming to the number of outputs: with 16 computers and 16 screens, we should choose 16 inputs by 16 outputs HDMI video matrix.

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