How to secure the Network KVM Switches?

1. Understand the network KVM switch

Everything has two sides. The emergence of many new network products can facilitate people's work and life, but the security risks that cannot be ignored either. Especially in the Internet age, the security of data transmission has always been a concern of operation and maintenance. Therefore, is it safe for people who is in charger of operarion and maintenance to apply the network KVM switch to easily manage and control data?

2. The security of the network KVM switch

(1) The network KVM switch is the only interface for managing multiple servers, and the security of its products is very important. Because the simulated KVM is limited in the scope of application, it only needs to clarify the division of labor of IT managers and access to the console, which can greatly improve the security. in terms of digital KVM products, because they are ip-based and can be accessed through the network as long as the IP address is known, so the security requirements for the device are even higher.

(2) The security issue is not only for the data, but also for the user account. Since digital KVM is based on IP network, which is an open system, user accounts may also be stolen by people with ulterior motives through various hacking methods or network monitoring. In addition, it depends on the hot backup capability of the centralized management system of the KVM system and the ease of maintenance. Especially whether users can maintain it by themselves is very important.

(3) Security issues: In terms of transmission, the KVM of analog signal is higher than the KVM of the digital signal, because the digital product transmits the digital signals of keyboard, mouse, and display, so if it is stolen through the network, it will cause great security concerns. How to encrypt these signals is very important. Now the digital KMV encryption methods on the market are: SSL, DES, 3DES, so you must understand clearly before purchasing KVM device. Transmission security is not only reflected in the encryption method. The most advanced KVM device adopts the video incremental transmission mechanism, that is, only the changed video part is transmitted. Therefore, in terms of security, even if the signal is stolen,and it is still irreversible.

(4) The most important KVM solution chosen by different enterprises is the security of IP-based KVM. The fundamental purpose of digital KVM is to promote remote control technology for servers and PCs, but at the same time, there are huge hidden dangers and security concerns. If a KVM system is built for remote operation, then naturally there are risks. There is one crucial concept that enterprises should adopt: When implementing IP-based KVM, don't lose sight of security issues.

When implementing IP-based KVM solutions such as KVMoIP and kvm over IP HDMI, organizations must prioritize the security of their network KVM switches to protect against potential risks and ensure data and user account safety. It is crucial to choose advanced encryption methods and transmission mechanisms to mitigate security concerns associated with remote server control.

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