Introduction of Multimedia Video Conference Control System for Small and Medium Meeting Room

1. Project background of multimedia video conference control system

The construction of small and medium-sized conference rooms needs to consider the limitations of the space range, and it is necessary to realize the complete conference function with the least equipment, so as to improve the utilization rate of the enterprise conference room and the efficiency of the conference as a whole.

In recent years, central control system technology has become high-tech in the construction of intelligent conference rooms. A set of systems can realize conference functions and management functions, save space and maximize the role of equipment. AVCiT multimedia video conference control system replaces the remote control of all devices with mobile phones and tablets that people are habitually using, realizes remote video conference function and central control function, and provides a more intelligent and efficient conference experience, which is widely used in small and medium-sized conference rooms, training rooms and lecture halls.

2. Application effect of multimedia video conference control system

AVCiT multimedia video conference control system integrates functions such as video wall matrix, remote video conference, central control system, paperless conference system, touch KVM, interactive whiteboard as a unified paltform  and realizes integrated cloud management of small and medium-sized conference room equipment.

Built-in remote video conference function, smooth audio and video encoding and decoding technology, the ability to output high-definition video pictures, high-fidelity without delay voice, and sound and picture synchronization provide an immersive communication experience for remote communication in the conference room. This set of equipment integrates control and conference functions, which greatly saves meeting space.

Centrally control audio, video, computer, video conference, lighting, monitoring and other equipment through mobile phones, pads, control panels, etc., so that the huge and discrete single control system can be integrated under control, and the external environment can be improved anytime and anywhere during the meeting, the setting of lighting, temperature, the choice of media, the fine adjustment of volume, etc. are all easily controlled by fingers. Mobile management is smarter and more convenient, and you can fully experience the progress of the era of the Internet of Everything.

Connecting to the AVCiT KVMoIP system to reserve a conference room, the tedious preparations before the conference are replaced by automated operations, without personnel management, the conference equipment is automatically turned on to enter the conference state, and the equipment is automatically turned off after the conference. The conference scene mode preset can realize the automatic switching and application of scenes, meet different conference requirements and different people's meeting habits, easily enter the preset mode with one button, and have a comfortable conference with one button. The AVCiT multimedia video conference control system offers a comprehensive solution for conference room audio-video needs, with integrated features such as IP video wall controller and automated conference room management. With its seamless integration and advanced capabilities, this system provides an efficient and user-friendly solution for small and medium-sized meeting rooms seeking reliable conference room audio video solutions.

3. Functional advantages of multimedia video conference control system

(1) Support input and output high-definition matrix, output high-definition audio and video for small and medium-sized conferences.

(2) Mobile APP can flexibly control, reduce control equipment, centrally control wireless electric projection screens, wireless electric curtains, wireless lights, air conditioners, display screens, etc, which is suitable for the reconstruction of old and new conference rooms, without wiring, easy and simple.

(3) Built-in remote video conferencing function module, you can start a high-definition remote video conference without adding equipment, save time and space for small and medium-sized conference rooms, and create a more intelligent and convenient conference experience.

(4) Pre-set device configurations for various scenarios, switch between various modes with one key, and instantly respond to the needs of the same meeting.

(5) Support network transmission of digital audio. Through the network active speakers, audio transmission and amplification are carried out, which is convenient for on-site wiring.

(6) It can be used in conjunction with the cloud conference management system independently developed by AVCiT. The APP operation is integrated, no human operation is required, and the equipment is automatically managed before and after the conference.

(7) Freely designed operation control interface, visual editing, simple and practical operation.

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