KVM Extenders for Enterprise Security and Data Center

With the rapid development of the market economy, fiber optic KVM extenders have been widely used in various industries and fields. The products continue to break through and update along with the development of the market economy, making the KVM extenders more perfect to meet the needs of users in various industry sectors and gaining the recognition and appreciation of many users. Fiber optic KVM extenders have become one of the most important roles in Internet processing and applications. A better operating environment can be created through KVM extenders, and it is a critical task to obtain a good product for some industry sectors with high technical requirements.

1. Benefits of Fiber Optic KVM Extenders

(1) Energy saving and high efficiency

When all servers are placed in a relatively safe and independent place, the use of fiber optic KVM extenders allows for centralized control and maintenance of all servers, extending the service life of servers and greatly improving the efficiency of management and maintenance personnel, allowing servers to work in a superior environment, minimizing the heat emissions of all hardware equipment and saving energy, and improving the most basic stability and Security.

(2) Convenient and easy to use

The hot-swappable mouse and keyboard of the fiber optic KVM extender can be perfectly supported with high quality compatibility. Replacing different specifications and models of mouse or keyboard can accomplish the goal set; it can support mouse, keyboard, monitor, USB, RS232 and other interfaces, extending the transmission distance up to 100 meters or more.

(3) Safe and reliable

Most high-quality brands of fiber optic KVM extenders on the market today are set up with a mobile storage interface to ensure maximum data security.

2. Fiber Optic KVM Extenders for Enterprise Security and Data Center

With the support of the advantages above, KVM extenders can be used in the following industry sectors.

(1) Enterprise security management

For enterprises, confidential business information is extremely important. If data is copied and transmitted directly through the USB port, floppy disk and serial port on the computer host, it is easy to cause widespread leakage of business secrets and incalculable losses. By using fiber optic KVM extenders, enterprises can place the server in a safe place and use a set of mouse, keyboard and monitor to manage, operate and maintain the computer host, ensuring the absolute security of confidential business information.

(2) Data center

By using fiber optic KVM extenders to centralize server management, operation and maintenance, data centers can greatly improve the efficiency of management and maintenance staff.

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