Network-based Multi-screen Video Wall Controller

1. The essential video wall controller in the control room

In many cases,video wall displays are integrated into a large network infrastructure and should be able to display content from many different sources. These sources could be located in many different sites around the world. In this case, you need these networked video wall controllers.

The concept of network visualization is easy to understand. Simply connect the sources (IP cameras, servers, computers, etc.) to the appropriate encoders and feed the video, images or data into an IP-based security system. A standard Internet infrastructure will transmit this information to wherever you want it to be in the world. At the target end, the decoder ensures that the information is ready to be used on any display. 

This IP bases system and video wall controller is essential in a critical decision making environment. Here, all stakeholders (including senior management, control room operators, remote experts and field staff) need to collaborate in the most effective way. This includes sharing information between the control room, conference rooms, and field staff. The control room is often used as a central intelligence center, collecting, processing and distributing all information. The ip video wall controller system is the leading platform for distributing information between control rooms. The system is fully dictributed, so it is flexible enough to meet your needs. Adding additional sources or display (individual monitors or complete video walls) to this video wall control system is simply a matter of adding new encoder or decoder nodes.

2, The benefits of IP Multi-screen controller

The IP Multi-screen controller provides the most flexible and user-friendly UI to distribute and display any source to any monitor. Operators can preview exactly the information they need on the video wall at any time. Thanks to the real time preview on a control tablet, operatos could quickly monitor the content of servers. For example, in the control room of a power plant, there are significant differences between the information operators need to monitor in normal operating mode or in the event of an accident. the visualized UI allows operators to quickly detect and switch between these different situations.

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