Remote Management Analysis of KVM Switch

1. Overview of the remote management of the KVM switch

A data center is a complex set of facilities,including not only computer systems and other associated equipment (such as data center communications and storage systems), but also redundant data communication connections, environmental control equipment, monitoring equipment, and various security devices. With the development of science and technology, the scale of data center is expanding rapidly, adding more and more information technology equipment. It is not unusual for modern data centers to cover whole floors, occupy different buildings in the same city, or even spread across the globe. To keep up with the growth of data centers, the traditional KVM switch has been replaced by a KVM switch with IP protocol.

The KVM switch provides unmatched scaling and flexibility for the data center. While traditional KVM switches require physical access to the console by the operator, KVM switches transfer KVM information over a standard TCP/IP connection. This approach enables operators to leverage a company's existing network infrastructure and control servers and other distributed information technology resources over local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) from a single computer located anywhere in the world.

2. Improper use of KVM switch will reduce its service life

With its unique advantages, the KVM switch is gaining the favor of more and more enterprises. What should enterprises pay attention to when using the KVM switch? To extend the service life of the KVM switch and reduce unnecessary resource waste, note the following:

(1) Do not use the machine for a long time. Power off the machine in the correct way when it is not in use.

(2) Do not directly power off, so as not to burn the internal main board and screen. The correct method for LCD KVM should be: Press the power switch on the LCD panel, and the LCD power indicator turns from green to red (off), indicating that the LCD panel is off. Then close the LCD panel and lock the front panel. Finally, push the control platform into the cabinet. Lock the side of the control platform panel tightly when it is fully pushed in.

(3) The machine should be kept away from fire, chemicals and direct sunlight to avoid accidents.

(4) Please use the machine in the environment permitted by the machine. Avoid using the machine in the environment of high temperature or low temperature or high humidity.

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