Renewable Energy Integrated Monitoring Center by AVCiT Solutions

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KOMIPO (Korea Midland Power) is responsible for supplying 13% of all domestic electric power in the Republic of Korea via operating major power plants in 6 different regions all over the nation.

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The Renewable Energy Integrated Monitoring Center of KOMIPO is installed by AVCIT IP Based KVM system.

Thanks to the AVCiT IP Based KVM system, The operators of the KOMIPO Renewable Energy Integrated Monitoring Center, could remotely manage multiple server signals including photovoltaic power generation (PV), energy storage systems (ESS, Energy Storage System), and the CCTV system of the power generation facility, just by one set of mouse and keyboard.

The installation AVCIT IP Based KVM system greatly optimized working flows and improved efficiency; the Operator could send these signals to the large screen in real-time through either a keyboard or an intuitive control tablet.

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