The 4K HDMI Matrix Supports Seamless Switching and Automatic Scaling

1. What is the benefits that 4K HDMI matrix switcher support seamless switching and automatic scaling?

4K HDMI matrix switcher is a device that supports multiple video signal input and multiple video signal output. It realizes the function of displaying multiple video signals on any monitors, and can switch each video signal to realize signal viewing under the condition of limited display. The seamless switching feature prevents black screen, flash screen and fuzzy screen when signal switching.

The purpose of the 4K HDMI matrix switcher requiring seamless switching is mainly for the smooth switching process between the two signals without delay. For example, in some important meetings, monitoring rooms, or some activity sites, the signal switching is very frequent, the situation of not smooth switching is not allowed, so in this case, the purpose of seamless switching is to help customers to complete the switching process faster.

2. The 4K HDMI matrix can easily achieve the surgical image presentation in the hospital digital operating room

The 4K HDMI matrix switcher's automatic scheduling feature is important. When we don't need to access multiple computers in a meeting, it often requires switching to recognize the computer being plugged in. In terms of 4K HDMI matrix switcher, automatic source scheduling function can be achieved without switching. It automatically recognizes the connected computers and then displays on the big screen. The application is more flexible. Of course, if you want to display multiple computers on multiple monitors, you can use an HD hybrid matrix switcher.

As the development direction of future hospitals, digital hospitals play an important role as the core operating rooms of hospitals. Digital operating room is better integrate all information of patients, enabling surgeons, anesthesiologists and surgical nurses to obtain patient information and more image support. As a tool for signal processing and video transmission, UHD 4K HDMI matrix achieves accurate surgical navigation and smooth external information exchange, providing more accurate, safer and more efficient services for the whole operation. It also provides a reliable channel for surgical observation, surgical teaching, remote teaching and remote consultation, thus ensuring a high success rate and safety of the operating room and improving the external communication of the operating room.

4K HDMI matrix, as a video signal transmission and processing equipment, is not only used in digital operating rooms, but also widely used in complex meeting rooms, control room, stadiums and other application scenario to help different users to solve different puzzles. 4K HDMI matrix switcher and HDMI matrix switcher, splicer wall processor, AV over IP matrix, etc., 

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