The Advantages and Control Mode of HDMI Matrix

1. What are the advantages of HDMI matrix switchers?

HDMI matrix switchers is used to switch between multiple HDMI inputs and multiple HDMI outputs for connection, so what are the advantages of HDMI matrix? HDMI matrix switcher in the all-digital signal system can fundamentally overcome the problems that cannot be solved by traditional analog signal system, such as signal trailing, ghosting, blurring, brightness drop, underline interference, etc., relative to the digital signal. As long as the receiving end has the correct judgment of 0 and 1, the information can be received without loss, so that the image quality is guaranteed.

Relative to the traditional analog signal system, the use of all-digital HDMI matrix switcher is more conducive to the construction of large-scale systems. As the signal degradation in every link in the analog signal system will accumulate, the result will be the sum of the signal damage in all links. And multiple signal distribution and switching, long-distance transmission and other links in the large system will cause the degradation of signal quality. HDMI matrix is mainly used in high-definition visual conference, radio and television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large screen display engineering, television teaching, command and control, etc.

2. What are the control methods of HDMI matrix switchers?

There are many types of HDMI matrix switchers on the market, so what are the control methods of HDMI matrix?

(1) Internet control means that the device with a network interface can be controlled on a computer within a local area network.

(2) The matrix switchers can support APP control. IOS users can directly search for MCS in the Apple Store directly to download the APP to use. Android users can download and install via the website.

(3) Web control means webpage control. With this function, we can control the device with a computer, cell phone, or tablet PC. We can login to the IP address of the device in the browser, and can additionally achieve login and control.

(4) RS232: connected to the control device through the RS232 serial cable

What are the benefits of different control methods of HDMI matrix switcher such as Internet control, app control, and web control?

(1) As the serial line configured for the HDMI matrix is about 1 meter, the Internet control, app control, web control methods can solve the problem of inconvenient control because of long distance.

(2) Serial communication control equipment will be limited to a computer. However, with Internet control, app control, and web control, the equipment within a local area network can carry out control of the matrix switches.

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